Army Of Two Devil Cartel Save Game Editor Xbox360

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is the third installment in the co-op heavy third-person shooter franchise Army of Two. Soda Can Silencers Reach level 25 to unlock 'The Alternative' (a double soda can silencer from The 40th Day) and 'The Substitute' (a single can silencer [.] Xbox360. Why does this game exist again? • This is my legit game-save. On the Menu screen, select >Armory>Customize Operative>Tactical Gear.

The originator of tactical co-op is back with Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel! Visceral Games delivers an immersive and gritty co-op action-shooter that pits two players against a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. Built on the new Frostbite 2 engine, Overkill mode offers the devastating power needed to unleash epic mass destruction at any time. Xbox 360 Modding escort, Army of Two: Devils Cartel Save Edit??, escort in Xbox 360 Modding.

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Buy the Inmate outfit, and the 'Look at You!' Achievement will pop. Then go to Main Menu>Missions>Solo>Select Mission>New Blood>Chapter 01. After the cutscene is over, 'Blood, Sweat and Guns', 'Keep it up!' And 'Sir, yes sir!' Achievements will pop.

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Finishing off the Tutorial Level will net you the 'Demolition Derby', 'Barbarian', 'And now what?' And 'Look mom, I made it!'

PLEASE REMEMBER TO REHASH AND RESIGN!. Note: This game-save was beaten on Insane, and all masks bought. Not sure if it'll work on the PAL Version of the game.