Arduino Uno Kak Programmator

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Hi everyone, I've looked through the forum for similar issues and haven't been able to find a solution. I'm having difficulty using a CP2102 to program an atmega328p chip on a breadboard with an external 16MHz oscillator. Pinout between CP2102 and atmega328p chip: DTR ->pin 1 (reset) TX -> pin 2 (RX) RX -> pin 3 (TX) Things that I have tried thus far: - Used an Arduino as ISP in order to burn bootloader onto chip * verified this was successful due to 3 blinks from LED on pin 19 after burning - Installed CP2102 drivers from Silicon Labs website for Windows 10 x64 () * verified this was successful through device manager - Tried to load blinky program via CP2102 to atmega328p * failed due to some sync issues.

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05-Format 3---Kerangka KAK (1).doc. Then compile the whole project again and click Tools programmer, and then set. Adapter Power Supply (9VDC – 1A) “Arduino Board”. Arduino UNO R3 + USB cable. UNO ProtoShield prototype expansion board with mini breadboard.


Not quite sure why, but I think this is the main issue - Loaded a Serial echo program to test if there are issues between TX and RX pins via ArduinoISP * successful install on atmega328p based on LED no longer providing 3 blinks (bootloader successfully overwritten) - Reattached CP2102 and viewed Serial monitor to send/receive data to atmega328p * successful data transfers, so I know RX and TX pin connections are correct and no issues involved between communication between CP2102 and atmega328p chip My best guess is that there is an issue between the Arduino IDE and the CP2102. I know I will also have to reinstall the bootloader since it was overwritten with the Serial test. Maybe I'm using the incorrect programmer setting within the IDE, which I'm currently using 'AVRISP mkII'. Should I be using a different programmer from the list provided, or somehow install a 'custom' programmer so the IDE knows its using the CP2102? Thanks for any advice provided.