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SelimII at Belgrad Campaign 1606 Treaty with Austria gives Hapsburg Emperor titular equality. 1607 The high tide of the Celali uprisings, rebellions against the land tenure system of the provincial fief-holding cavalry.

Vrijednosti kao rizični i zaštitni čimbenici socijalizacije mladih. Article (PDF Available) April 2009.

This turn-of-the-century upheaval marks the end of the Classical Age and the opening pf a new chapter in Ottoman history characterized by the waning of the state's political and military fortunes. 1607 Virginia colonised. 1609 Work begins on the Blue Mosque. 1618-1648 Thirty Years' War' in central Europe. 1622 Osman II the Young, the first Ottoman sultan to formulate a reform program (and to lose his head for it), sets out on his Hotin expedition - essentially to overcome the developing crisis of confidence and to re-establish charismatic leadership over the army.

1623-1640 Murad IV restores order. 1638 Murad IV, who succeeded by imposing his unusually harsh will to halt progressive anarchy and destabilization, sets out on his great expedition to the East.

His journey culminates in the capture of Baghdad. He is the last great centralizing sultan.

1644 China's decaying Ming dynasty swept away by Manchurian Qing dynasty. Sultan Ahmed III Mahmud I 1703 Peter the Great founds St Petersburg. 1711 The battle of Pruth against the Russians under the command of the Grand Vezir Baltaci Mehmed Pasha. According to a spicy tradition, Pasha surrounded Peter the Great's army but then let them avoid humiliation because he was 'persuaded' by a secret nocturnal visit to his tent by the tsar's mistress (later empress) Catherine. 1712 Peace treaty with Russia. 1717 Death of Aurangzeb presages decline of Moghul power in India.

1 718 The Treaty of Passarowitz with Austria following yet another lost war. 1720-1730 First Ottoman ambassadors sent to western capitals. 1730 Patrona Halil rebellion against taxation and western influences; Ahmet III deposed, Tulip Period ends.

1739 Peace of Belgrade returns Belgrade to the Ottomans; Russians forced to sign separate peace. 1750 Another great Istanbul fire burns covered markets to the ground. 1754 A major earthquake in Istanbul. 1757 Clive's victory at Plassey establishes British in India. 1769 War with Russia renewed.

1770 The Crimean Tartars switch sides to conclude an anti-Ottoman alliance with Russia. 1773 Cin-Ali Bey, who had proclaimed himself sultan of Egypt, is defeated in battle, and his rebellion crushed. Nevertheless, esraf and ayan (newly crystallizing dynasties of provincial notables) are on the move throughout the empire. Anaglyphax for km player free.

1774 Disastrous Treaty of Kucuk Kainardji with Russia. 1776 American Declaration of Independence. I doser mp3 pack torrent. 1779 Russia annexes Crimea. 1782 A fire in Istanbul lasts 50 hours. 1789 Selim III, a dedicated reformer, ascends the throne in the same year as the French Revolution. Some of his social experiments are inpired by the same democratic ideologies which motivated the French. 1790 Ottoman-Prussian alliance against Austria and Russia.