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Xvideoservicethief download multiple youtube videos simultaneously. XVideoServiceThief xVideoServiceThief is a program for downloading video clips from the most popular sites for sharing video (YouTube, Yahoo, Google Videos, Metacafe). The application allows: • downloading video materials from over 70 sites (currently 76) • simultaneous downloading of multiple files • using drag and drop method • supporting proxy and working in background • converting files to AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP and MP3 format • planning a schedule of downloading • searching files in the network • resuming/stopping download • support for HTTP and RTMP protocols • protecting children from sites with pornography.

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A portable color TV set in its characteristics can give odds to many modern products. It can receive color and black-and-white programs by any channel in the meter long wave band, this model ('D' index) can also receive programs in the decimeter wave band. Diagonal size of the screen, or as it was called before - picture tube, is 25 cm.


TV set can be connected to the AC with voltage 176-243 V (you can forget about expensive stabilizers!) or to DC with voltage 11-14.5 V, for example, right in your car.