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This command opens the Add Default Lights To Scene dialog, which provides options that let you convert the default scene lighting into actual. • Standard menu: Create menu > Lights > Standard Lights > Add Default Lights To Scene • Enhanced menu: Objects menu > Lights > Add Default Lights To Scene The default lighting for viewports consists of a key light, positioned in front and to the left of the scene, plus a fill light behind. This command is available only when the is configured to use two default lights. If that's the case, when you invoke this command the lights are added to the scene as. You can opt to add the key light, the fill light, or both. The light objects have the names DefaultKeyLight and DefaultFillLight.

Procedures To add the default lights as objects: • Click or right-click the General viewport label (“[ + ]”). 3ds Max opens the. • Choose Configure. • On the Viewport Configuration dialog Rendering Method tab, in the Rendering Options group, choose Default Lights and then choose 2 Lights.

Click OK to close the dialog. • Choose Object menu Lights Add Default Lights To Scene. • On the Add Default Lights To Scene dialog, toggle Add Default Key Light, Add Default Fill Light, or both. • Activate the Top viewport, and on the status bar, click (Zoom Extents). The lights are now visible in the viewport.

Add Default Key Light When on, adds the default key light to the scene. The key light is in front of the scene and to the left. The key light becomes an with the name, DefaultKeyLight. Add Default Fill Light When on, adds the default fill light to the scene.

The fill light is behind the scene and to the right. The fill light becomes an with the name, DefaultFillLight.

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Distance Scaling Affects how far the lights are placed from the origin (0,0,0). The default value leaves the scene's lighting unchanged. Larger values move the lights farther away, dimming the scene, and smaller values move them closer, brightening the scene. Range=0.0 to 1000.0.