2005 Acura Tl Navigation Dvd Free Download

Hi, I have a 2001 MDX, Black DVDripped in ISO mode with Decrypter and burnt the image with Nero at the slowest speed with a DVD+R (maxell/Ritek DVD) worked no problem Anyway here is my question, I have a 2001 MDX with Navi ( black dvd disc), of course I just brought it to Canada and of course I would like to get some Canadian coverage, so i started doing some research on burningwell a lot of problems, I tried it, took my time and my burnt copy worked like a charm, 10 times I turned on and off and only once did it not work and all I did was remove and reinsert the DVD, so not a real problem. Now, the 2001 dvd is Black, the one I think I will need to get, if possible, would be the Orange color DVD from the 2003 models, this offered the Canadian coverage, as per Alpines website. So I think that these are Dual Layer DVD’s in the '03, is my 2001 unit able to read the Dual Layer Disc, or is it only able to read single layer, because if that is the differences between the generations, then I think instead of using the DL disc I could split the info of the disc in 2, so, 1 single layer disc for ex. Could hold all the east coast and the other single layer disc would hold the east coast info.

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Does this make sense, have you heard of anyone doing, this? Dipak chopra kvantovoe iscelenie. I have access to a 2003 Disc for like $25.00 but not sure until I hear if it is possible to burn it or even use it. Any ideas, Options? Geroi mecha i magii 3 zapusk bez diska full. Anything I could do have Canadian coverage, without having to spend like $200 + Thanks for the help if you are able to.

Hi there, I am currently trying to copy the acura navteq dvd for the 2003 and the 2008. These are both dual layer disks and I have tried with dvddecrypter and it will rip an iso no problem - both dvddecrypter and nero set to dvd-rom burnt the disk but it did not read correctly. However, when I use the disks in Nero set to dvd-rom and do a disk copy to dvd+R dl disks they perform correctly. I can use the 2008 copy in the 2008 MDX, and will have to test it in the 2003 TL. Versions of the disk that I am using are 2003 version 3.??

2008 version 4.62 and 2008 version 6.2. The 6.2 disks are not working correctly and are giving me problems but the others are ok. Note I made about 5 copies with dvd decrypter and they did not work (even when set to dvd-rom mode), only nero copies worked Your idea of spliting the disk might work as long as you split the map files between the two. I have not looked at the disk too closely yet.

Ok, use DVD Decryptor and copy as an image. Make sure you are useing a DVD+Rthis will not work with anything elseand I hate VerbatimI used a RIDATA diskcheap but still good. When u burn, I suggest 2.4x or 4x no faster. If it doesnt work the first time then burn but change the book type on Decryptor to DVD-ROM. Also try a few times in the car playersometimes it takes a few times opening the cover in the car player to reset itthere are times when it will not work so all u have to do is either open the cover or eject the dvd to reset the systemhope it works 4 u. [QUOTE=njanen;1998591]The thing I am not sure if ti will work is beacuse I have a 2001 model and I do not know if the 2003 model, for which the orange disc is made for would work on my dvd system. My DVD for my 2001 is only a single layer, I think its only 4.4GB, and the 2003 is a DUal Layer and I do not know if mine will read a Dual layer disc.