1984 Cessna 172p Poh Pdf

I'm always looking for POHs for my own collection - I reckon the more POHs an instructor can have access to the better. HercFeend- Does Canterbury Aero Club know about this C172P copy?? CB - That scribd has some nice resources - thanks for the link. Dunno why I've never come across it in search before, but you do need to pay - or upload, if you want to download, which is fair enough - share resources. All the Cessna manuals they have I have already, posted here Free POHs (no limits or registrations.trying to build a collection - submissions welcomed, concentrating on Cessna but happy to post anything helpful. Looking for a C182L if anyone has one, among others.

Original Issue - 20 August 1984. The worldwide Cessna Dealer Or,:aniz.ition c1ncl Cessna Customer Services stand rc.idy to serve you. The Pilot's Operating Handbook in the airplane at the time of delivery from Cessna Aircraft Com. Grafik proverki znanij po pozharnoj bezopasnosti obrazec.

And anything C210 related (left mine at home:() If anyone objects I'll take it down, but I reckon shared knowledge=improved safety!!! Thanks Big Pistons, looks like a nice site and a couple I don't have. I'm trying to spread the word, but keep it quiet if you know what I mean, hehe, but it's a work in progress, happy to help. (Needless I hope to say -for non-commercial and non-operational use only.) Thanks so much to those who've sent private contributions. Betterfromabove - sorry on the validation file, I think I may have removed it recently since I am not in Namibia right now, and can't guarantee the accuracy, it's a magic place to hire and fly, but sorry to say high insurance and poor standards of flight training schools (the former caused by the latter) mean it is quite difficult to arrange.

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